What to Expect



Treatments are given in a LaFuma - a portable ultra-comfortable chair.  They usually last forty-five minutes to an hour, but your first treatment will be longer, as an in-depth medical history is taken which can take anything from twenty to thirty minutes.

Reflexology can be uncomfortable at times, sometimes even painful.  Usually this is due to a reflex being out of balance.  If this is the case, it is important that we work this reflex until it becomes normalised again, but we will always work with you and within your pain threshold.  On saying that, many people describe any pain that they may feel as a 'sweet' pain, and as it is usually short-lived, clients are normally more than happy to have the area worked.  There are lots of very pleasant, relaxing techniques that are used throughout the treatment and a foot massage always follows at the end which by far makes up for any discomfort!