Introduction to
Pilates Workshops



The Introduction to Pilates Workshop is a chance to find out what Pilates is all about.  We look at the breathing technique in more depth and also touch on the other styles of breathing and why a person may breath in a certain way.  The creation of a girdle of strength using our stabilising muscles which is paramount to the Pilates Method is also thoroughly covered.

We will look at the correct use of the shoulder muscle and what practical steps can be taken to minimise back pain.  All of this, with plenty of practical application.

Pilates Movement with Massage Workshop is also available.

The workshops are fun and informative, explaining how to put the techniques learned into practice in every day life. 

Numbers are limited to a maximum of twelve to truly enhance the learning experience.

If you want to go on to do Pilates classes, a Pilates Workshop is a very good way of being able to slot into an existing class if beginner classes are not available.  Please call or email for more information.