Corporate Wellbeing Visits and Workshops



Corporate Wellbeing Visits

We can visit your Company weekly, fortnightly, monthly or on an ad-hoc basis for a team building day, a wellbeing day, a morale boost, a thank you or simply just because you understand the importance of ensuring your employees welfare.

We can offer anything from twenty minutes up to 1 hour appointments in Advanced Hand and/or Foot Reflexology, Acupressure Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage.  We provide all of the equipment, all we need is a small room in order to operate.  All treatments can be performed fully clothed, making it ideal for the work place.  One hour Pilates lessons are also available, either 1 to 1 or in groups of up to 12 people.

After a treatment, your employees will be able to tackle the demands of their busy day, feeling rejuvenated and motivated.  Furthermore, many may find great relief for existing aches and pains and treatments may prevent other ailments from occurring, all of which is good news for absenteeism, so excellent news for your Company results.

If you want to boost your profits and be shown as a caring employer at the same time, call or email us today for more information.

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Corporate Workshops

A corporate workshop can be a great way to enable your employees to help themselves, by understanding more about the way their body works and to enable them to take practical steps to alleviate any aches and/or pains that they may have.

The workshop can be tailor-made for the time allocation and/or can be industry specific.  It can also be adapted so that it fits smoothly into the work environment, accommodating normal business attire and involving standing and sitting on chairs only.  The added benefit of individual employee assessments and personal programmes, taking into account the employees' health and fitness objectives is an option as well.

Typically in a workshop, we look at:

  • Ways to prevent or alleviate existing aches and/or pains
  • The breathing technique used in Pilates and why this can be of benefit to other activities (we also touch on the other styles of breathing and why a person may breath in a certain way)
  • The creation of a girdle of strength using our stabilising muscles which is paramount to the Pilates Method is also thoroughly covered
  • The correct use of the shoulder muscles
  • What practical steps can be taken to minimise back pain

All of this with plenty of practical application.  The workshop is fun, informative and hopefully very beneficial, explaining how to put the techniques learned into practice in every day life.

A workshop can be organised for a team building day, a wellbeing day, a morale boost, a thank you or simply just because you understand the importance of making available to your staff, every means possible to ensuring their welfare.  But regardless of your reason, one thing is for sure, it will undoubtedly paint you as a caring employer, as well as having a beneficial effect on the overall 'sickness' bill.  Please call or email for more information.

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