Failure to turn up for an appointment and all cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be chargeable in full.


With regards to Pilates classes:

There are strictly no refunds for missed classes; although we will try to offer an alternative class where possible IF 24 HOURS NOTICE IS GIVEN.  The exception to this is summer holiday classes that must be paid for in full once booked even if subsequently they are not attended, and they are NOT eligible for catch up classes regardless if 24 hours notice is given.

Please note:

1) You have six months to make up a missed class, but you MUST be in a continuous paid block.  Please keep a record of the date of the missed class if you wish to catch up, especially if this will be arranged in a future block, and include it in your catch up request i.e. missed class 13/02/20XX  catch up class 17/05/20XX

2) If you arrange a catch up class, we cannot re-rearrange it if you are subsequently unable to attend, even if 24 hours notice is given.  Therefore, please do not suggest a catch up class date unless you are 100% sure you can make it.  Please note, cancelling your catch up class to revert back to your original class is classified as re-arranging a catch up class so is not possible.


In relation to Pilates workshops:

There are no refunds once the workshop has been booked & paid for; however, we will offer an alternative workshop if one is running in the foreseeable future or deduct the cost from the block of classes that commence following the workshop IF 24 HOURS NOTICE IS GIVEN.


Pilates 4 Fitness reserves the right to cancel classes even after they have been arranged & paid for.  Unless they have been cancelled for acts of God, including adverse weather conditions, a full refund will be given, or if applicable a catch up class will be offered.