About Jo O'Neil




In her teens, Jo started to experience pain on the inside of her right knee.  She was fairly fit and healthy as she jogged daily and played tennis twice a week.  Initially the pain did not impinge on these activities, but over a period of time she found them increasingly difficult to do.

Her GP referred her to an Orthopaedic Surgeon who in turn referred her to the Physiotherapy Department in an attempt to realign her knee cap which had altered its position due to muscle imbalance.  When no progress was made surgery was scheduled.

Unfortunately, there were complications and sometime afterwards Jo was diagnosed with a condition called 'Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy' (RSD). 

RSD is a painful condition that can occur anywhere in the body, usually after a trauma such as an accident, injury, or surgery.  The messages that the brain receives with this condition are over exaggerated which makes even the simplest thing, such as kneeling, far too painful to contemplate.

As her condition worsened her quality of life was seriously compromised.  Around this time she was rather reluctantly taken to a Reflexologist where her life was transformed.  However, although Reflexology was successful in banishing her pain, Jo was left with severe muscle wastage.

To address her weakened muscles, Jo had three weeks of daily intensive Physiotherapy.  Still believing that she could improve further, her Specialist recommended Pilates to her as he believed the regimen would help her retain the muscle mass she had built up and would ensure any muscle imbalances were rectified.

She started classes immediately, but unfortunately after two years her Pilates Teacher moved away and Jo struggled to find another instructor.  Not wanting to give up this amazing discipline, Jo continued at home using videos and books to assist her.  By this time she had qualified as a Reflexologist and went on to study Sports Massage.

Although Reflexology is a remarkable therapy and one that helped Jo immensely, she was convinced from what she had learned from many books on Pilates and the body in general that Pilates really held the key in many back and joint related problems.  This inspired her to train as an instructor with the Body Control Pilates Association.  Now she is able to offer her clients not only relief in the form of Reflexology, but also a means that they can help themselves with Pilates.

Reflexology and Pilates have been a life line for Jo.  Without them she dreads to think what her life would have turned out like.  She feels she owes a tremendous amount to Eunice Ingham for bringing Reflexology to the Western World and to Joseph Pilates for masterminding his unique exercise regimen.  Jo very much looks forward to sharing these amazing results with you, enabling you to be the very best that you can be.


Jo is committed to continual development and, after her own personal experience, is passionate about studying rehabilitation.

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